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The MASH menu features premium quality steaks from some of the world’s finest cattle. Whether you’re looking for dry-aged Danish beef, a fantastic piece of Japanese Wagyu, tender corn-fed American beef or specially selected Uruguay Rib-eye the MASH menu never fails to impress.

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Added to the steaks are our succulent side orders, including indulgent macaroni and cheese, moreish fries and meaty bone marrow. But don’t forget to leave room for dessert - the fabulous cakes and MASH ice cream are not to be missed. 

Prize winning wine list
The MASH wine list is one of the finest in London, offering incredible wines from around the world. MASH customers are invited to explore the world’s finest wines with a unique list that starts in the USA, moving anti-clockwise from South America to Australia and then on to the old world.  

Since joining MASH, Head Sommelier Jess Kildetoft Sorensen has continued to curate an impressive and ever-expanding wine list, sourcing top producers and "big, bold, American wines" that match the restaurant's impressive interior and sizable steaks. Guests can try mature vintages and old favourites, with the American collection focusing in particularly on Oregon, New York State, Washington, and of course California. 

We are always looking to expand our collection but in the meantime it has racked up an array of awards, including the Wine Spectator's Award of Excellence, and a coveted 3 stars in World of Fine Wine Magazine's Fine Wine Awards 2015. 

If you have any questions regarding wine at MASH, please contact our wine team on

Please note that the selection of wine listed online is indicative, as the printed list in the restaurant is subject to changes on a very regular basis.