MASH – Modern American Steak House
MASH – Modern American Steak House

The History of MASH London Site

The site of our Brewer Street restaurant is steeped in history. Located in one of London’s most famous and iconic Art Deco buildings, was lovingly restored to its former glory more than six years ago.

The building was once an integral part of the iconic Regent Palace Hotel, built between 1910 and 1913, which has just undergone a £300 million renovation programme. Timber veneer, gold leaf architrave, marble, brass, mirrors, ceilings and even original wallpaper have all been meticulously catalogued, removed and reinstated by expert artisan craftsmen.


The Regent Palace Hotel was built in 1914 for ‘T Lyons & Co. Ltd’ on Crown land and opened on Wednesday, May 16, 1915. At the time it was the largest hotel in Europe with 1,028 rooms, situated in one of the most fashionable and exclusive parts of London.


Not much evidence remains of the working of the hotel, but we do know that a considerable part of the building was requisitioned by the British Government during the First World War.


In the 1950s and early 1960s the hotel took an electronic turn, with J Lyons introducing Lyons Electronic offices to the business. The first digital billing computers were introduced at the Strand Palace Hotel and then the Regent Palace Hotel in the early 1970s.


The Hotel also has a long connection with steak, which is something we like to hear! The Regent Palace Hotel supplied pre-cut steaks to all the Strand Hotels and Cornerhouses. Carcasses were brought into the hotel and butchered on site in specially designed production kitchens in the basement of the hotel.

This association with the meat trade attracted a massive influx of farmers at the annual Smithfield week which took place at Earl’s Court, and still does today. Throughout the 1960s and 1970s the week saw the entire hotel booked out by the farming community.


The 1960s saw the reputation of the hotel decline, as it began to gain a reputation as a place of ill repute. It’s a location in the vicinity of Soho made it an obvious meeting point for ladies of the night to ply their trade. Rumour has it that if you phoned the concierge desk and asked for an extra pillow a deal could be done!

Our stylish, contemporary interior has been designed to complement the building’s original design. Renowned interior designers and long-term MASH collaborators Herbert & Duncalf were responsible for the design, ensuring the decor stayed true to MASH branding as well as the style of the space.

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